Education and Resources

Highland Environmental Network actively promotes Environmental education across the Highlands. Our core activities are: delivering the HEN Annual Conference, signposting people to a range of training and events via the What''s On and our quarterly newsletter and monthly ebulletins also provides topic based information. To receive our free Newsletter join the Mailing List.

Resource Library

A library of resources is available on loan to promote sustinablity. This service is free of charge, collection and return of items is the responsibility of the lender. List of books and DVDs currently available below or to downloaded. To submit your loan request please complete the loan form and return to 


America's Climate Problem - The Way Forward. Robert Repetto

Collapse - How societies choose to fail or survive - Jared Diamond

The Weather Makers - Our changing climate and what it means for life on Earth - Tim Flannery

Human Ecology - Basic concepts in Sustainable Development - Gerald G Marten

Will Climate Change Your Life? - How to drive a 4x4 and still save the planet - Anthony Day

Community Development a Critical Approach - Margaret Ledwith

Heat - How we can stop the planet burning - George Monbiot

Soil Not Oil - Climate Change, Peak Oil and Food Insecurity - Vandana Shiva

The Transition Handbook - from oil dependency to local resilience - Rob Hopkins

The Sustainable Self - a personal approach to sustainability education. Paul Murray

Carbon Detox - Your step-by-step guide to getting real about climate change - George Marshal

The Green Office Manual - A guide to responsible practice - Wastebusters Ltd

The Power of Sustainable Thinking - Bob Doppelt

Green is the New Black - Tamsin Blanchard

Hungry City- How Food shapes our Lives - Carolyn Steel

The Real Global Warming Disaster - Is the obsession with "climate change" turning out to be the most costly scientific blunderin history. - Christopher Booker

The Unsettling of America - Culture & Agricultre - Wendell berry

How Bad are Bananas - The Carbon Footprint of Everything - Mike Berners-Lee

New Technologies to save the Planet by Chris Goodall

So Foul and Fair a day – Alastair Dawson

Powerdown- Richard Heinberg 


The Age of Stupid - Why didn't we save ourselves when we had the chance.

An Inconvenient Truth - Al Gore

The End of Suburbia

The Power of Community

In Our Hands

Smallest- Empowering the smallest communities renewably

The End of the Line


Environmental Education & Training Providers

There are a number of environmental education and training providers in the Highlands including those listed below. For a full list of provider see the Environmental Directory.
The SEAM Centre - Sustainable Energy  
If you would like to promote your organisation's training information on the HEN website please contact the HEN Project Development Officer What''s On section. 

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