About Highland Environmental Network

Delegates discussing environmental issues at our conference

Supporting organisations include

Highland Environmental Network (HEN) was originally established in 1991 to support environmental education in Highland and we have played an important and respected role in this field.

Our primary role is to:

Connect groups and individuals delivering environmental
projects in the Highlands and provide opportunity for sharing knowledge

HEN Aims

HEN aims to make it easier for communities, small groups
and individuals to develop and deliver local environmental projects in the
Highlands; and to increase community participation in debates and
decision-making concerning

  • biodiversity
  • land-use
  • climate

HEN supports community development and empowerment as it
relates to these issues.

Our Objectives

HEN’s key objectives are to

  • foster
    and support a sense of community amongst groups and individuals carrying out
    environmental activities at a local level
  • co-ordinate
    and enable the sharing of information and expertise
  • identify
    and publicise ways for communities and small groups to contribute to land
    management, biodiversity and climate change issues
  • support community
    development and empowerment as it relates to these issues

    HEN Ltd

    HEN is a company limited by guarantee and managed by a team of directors who are responsible for the organisation. 


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