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Helping you to FuelGood

Helping you to FuelGood - Caireen Ross of the Sustainable Transport Service explains how . . .
Whether your organisation is already committed to reducing carbon emissions, or if you are wondering how to take your first step to cut fuel costs and carbon emissions after signing The Highland Council’s Carbon CLEVER initiative then we are here to help. One of the easiest and quickest ways to reduce costs and carbon emissions is training your employees to become more fuel efficient drivers which could help save your organisation up to 15 per cent on fuel costs and carbon emissions.
FuelGood driver training is currently fully subsidised by Transport Scotland for a limited period only (commercial costs are generally around £40 per driver). FuelGood benefits to your organisation include:
  • An average of 15% reduction in fuel use immediately after training and 5-8% savings long term
  • Reduced wear and tear on tyres, brakes and clutches
  • Encourages drivers to anticipate the road ahead, reducing the likelihood of accidents
  • 96% would recommend the training to others
  • 85% have altered the way they drive since the training
What Happens in a Session?
  • Our approved FuelGood driving instructor provides the car and insurance and meets trainees at your workplace meaning minimal disruption to the working day
  • Each trainee is collected and returned to your premises after a one-on-one 50-minute training session. 
  • Up to eight drivers can be trained per day
Over 200 organisations have trained in EST's driver training programme including FTSE 100 companies Carillion and Mitie as well as 25 Scottish Local Authorities, five NHS Trusts and more than 10 universities and colleges. 
"If you do just one thing to reduce your fleet fuel costs, book your drivers onto FuelGood driver training."  
William Fairhurst, Director, Edinburgh Computer Services 
If you have any questions call 0808 808 2282 to speak to your local transport advisor, email fuelgood@est.org.uk or visit our website for more information. 

If you would like to book training, please contact our Business Transport Specialist Caireen Ros 















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