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Greening Kyle

Find out from Rhionna Mackay about this imaginative project, supported by the Climate Challenge Fund.

Greening Kyle is a carbon reduction project funded by the Climate Challenge Fund and run through the Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust.  The project aims to reduce the carbon footprint of the Kyle of Sutherland area through Home Energy Visits, home energy advice and support, encouraging home food growing and reducing home food waste.

Home Energy Visits involve one of our City & Guilds trained Energy Advisors visiting a client’s house at a pre-arranged time.  The one hour visits allow the Energy Advisor to cover areas including energy costs and bills, hot water and heating systems including timers and programmers, draught proofing, insulation, condensation/damp problems and current government schemes. A thermal imaging camera has recently been purchased using funding from a local community wind farm fund and energy monitors are available to borrow for three to six months.

Simple measures to take to reduce energy consumption include draught proofing your home, using pans on lids when cooking, drawing your curtains at dusk, turning the thermostat down by one degree and only boiling as much water in the kettle as you need.  

    By 2050, an estimated 60% more food will have to be produced to feed an ever increasing population.  We have recently established a growing group for anyone with an interest in growing food.  Members of the group share their knowledge and resources with each other which will hopefully result in a more successful growing season in 2015 for all members.

Two foraging workshops are scheduled for 12th October for people to learn how to safely and sustainably forage for wild food in their local area.  

Free cookery classes are beginning in November 2014 for people to learn how to cook in a more energy efficient way, reduce food waste, learn new skills, reduce carbon footprint when cooking and shopping.  A Christmas Special Cookery Workshop is also scheduled for December where participants can learn to make food gifts using local produce.  Growing your own food, buying more food locally and buying seasonably will help to reduce your food carbon footprint. 

A number of events have been held to engage the community in reducing their energy consumption to save money and reduce their carbon footprint whilst engaging them in growing their own producing and reducing their food waste.  Future plans include establishing a group to set up community allotments and exploring the potential for a farmers market where local people can sell their home grown and local food produce.  A series of ‘Grow Your Own’ workshops are hoped to be scheduled for early 2015 to encourage non-growers and beginners to grow their own food using their newly learned skills and knowledge.  Upcycling classes will begin in 2015 for people to learn how to make use of their old, unloved or broken items that would likely end up in the landfill.  Greening Kyle will be working with the three local primary schools to gain or maintain Eco Schools status through climate related activities.

For more information on Greening Kyle and the free services that we offer please contact Rhionna by emailing gkassistant@kyleofsutherland.oc.uk or calling 01863 766554.  Alternatively visit our Facebook page

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