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Helping to see the woods for the trees

The Highland Council is reviewing their indicative forestry and woods strategy, and considering its six six key principles that:

  • ensure sustainability
  • increase community benefit
  • identify opportunities for expansion compatible with other interests
  • improve existing forests and woodlands to enhance forestry’s contribution to the economy and environment in Highland
  • work with partners to address economic and infrastructure issues
  • retain the level of funding for forestry in Highland

The map-based strategy is used to help to guide woodland development and provide a framework for evaluating grant applications and forest plans. The current review of the strategy will see it adopted as Supplementary Guidance to the new Highland wide Local Development Plan. The report will take into account a recent report by the Woodland Expansion Advisory Group which recommends well designed mixed woodlands with an emphasis on function/objectives rather than type, other issues such as encouraging productive woodland and maintaining and enhancing investment in the processing sector will also have to be taken into consideration. The final report will be prepared by March 2015.

If you’d like more information, or to find out how you can input to the discussion get in touch with Robert Patton at robert.patton@highland.gov.uk

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