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Cycling, both on and off road is becoming increasingly popular. A study by the UHI which looks a the potential economic benefit to the Highlands of mountain biking alone suggests that it  brings an expenditure of over £8 million to the area and supports 238 FTE jobs.

This paper and other mountain bike research undertaken by the James Hutton Institute (which looks at some of the potential conflicts of interest as well as opportunities) can be found on the institute website.

Transition Black Isle (TBI) recognises the value of cycling, not only in reducing our carbon impact, but also for the part it can play in promoting the area as an attractive place to live and visit. TBI have been promoting cycling for some time as part of their ‘Million Miles’ campaign. This has included persuading buses to fit cycle racks and employing community cycle trainers to organise events and encourage people out and about. As an extension to this work  they have now established a website, purchased several bicycles for hire and employed Lisbeth Coillie to promote the scheme and associated businesses. Find out more about the scheme, how you can hire a bike and some of the great highways and byways of the Black Isle on their website.

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