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EPP (Environmental Placement Programme) Opportunities

The Environmental Placement Programme (EPP) is a scheme that places students into companies to work on a project with an environmental focus such as Waste, Energy, Carbon Footprinting, ISO14001, Green Marketing and Product Development.

The placements produce findings and recommendations which can save your company time and money, as well as offering a cost effective, low risk way to engage with some of the brightest talent form Universities across Scotland to move forward a project you perhaps haven’t had the time or in-house resources to tackle, before now.

The EPP programme runs from 10-12 weeks, throughout the year, and is flexible to suit your business. The cost of the programme ranges from £270p/w to £320p/w which is inclusive of the training allowance for the student and our services, including mentoring support for the student.

We can help you pull together the project spec, advertise the role, sift applications, carry out initial interviews and shortlist 4/5 candidates to you. We can then liaise with you to arrange the interviews and support the placements for the duration. On top of this you don’t even need to employ the candidates as our programmes are all Work Experience placements so we have a contract with the students/ graduates and you and we even pay them directly and invoice you once the project is placed so there is no Tax, NI or payroll to worry about. We offer a mentoring service throughout the placement, an Induction Day and Mid-review day for the students. We then host a National Final for the summer placements held in Edinburgh in September, this year’s final will be at Holyrood.

If you would like to hear more about the Environmental Placement Programme, please drop us an email at mathilda@thebusinesspartnership.org.uk and we’ll arrange a time to discuss the nature of the project you are interested in. 

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