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Transition Towns

The Transition model is a very simple framework that can be used pretty much anywhere to bring a community together to make it a happier, healthier and more sustainable place to live. The transition it's named for is from today's high fuel use, to a world with much lower fuel use, which will come our way as the planet's stocks of oil start to give out. This transition will happen whether we decide to think about it or not.

The two fundamental issues that face us all over the next few decades are climate change and peak oil. These two, potentially impacting at the same time, mean that we really do need to build sustainability locally and fast. Transition initiatives are attempting to do just that - encouraging more locally grown food, helping reducing carbon emissions, looking at new ways of transportation, all at a local community level – and with a really positive attitude too.

There is a lot of information about Transition on the internet, use it to get inspired and get things moving in your community. Rob Hopkins, co-founder of the Transition movement only started Transition Town Totnes in Devon in 2005, and since then hundreds of such initiatives have been established in the UK, with many more developing worldwide, from New Zealand to California.

To learn more about Transition Towns in Scotland.

There are four groups in the Highlands:
Transition Black Isle
Transition Town Forres
Transition Town Inverness
Transition Town Alness

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