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Biodiversity in the Highlands

Biodiversity is the variety of life in the Highlands including plants and animals. The Highlands is rich in biodiversity in its woodlands, coasts, mountains and riversides.  HEN encourages and promotes improvement, creation and preservation/protection of habitats in a sustainable manner. 
You can get involved in nature from just stepping outside your back door to :

Joining outdoors activities

  • Nature activities
  • Guided walks and biodiversity workshops 

  • Find out more on the Highland Biodiversity website, or by looking at the Highland Council Rangers events 


    Getting involved in community projects

  • Local Biodiversity Action Projects
  • Red squirrel surveys
  • Survey training for other species
  • Habitat creation

  • Find out more on the Highland Biodiversity website

    Growing native and wildlife friendly species of plants

  • Berry and seed bearing for birds
  • Nectar-rich flowers for the bees and butterflies

  • Plantlife has some good recommendations of species to grow 


    Providing shelters and homes for wildlife

  • Creating log piles
  • Building bird and bat boxes
  • Creating more habitats in the community to increase the diversity such as ponds, hedgerows and wildflower meadows.

  • The RSPB has lots of good ideas on its website 


    Reducing and reusing resources

  • Reusing tyres for raised beds
  • Scrap wood for bird boxes

  • The British Trust for Ornithology has a comprehensive 'make your own bird box guide' 


    Highland Biodiversity website

    This is the website of the Highland Biodiversity Partnership, made up of 30 representatives of local groups and key organisations committed to understanding, safeguarding, restoring and celebrating biodiversity within the Highland Council area.

    On the website you'll find news and events from across the Highlands, plus lots of interesting wildlife articles, survey tips and details of how you can get involved in specific projects. Click here to find out more. 
    To Learn more about the work of the Highland Biodiversity Partnership and Biodiversity Action Plan click here.

    Highland Council's Countryside Rangers

    The rangers run an extensive programme of events, which aims to help raise awarness and encourage appreciation of the scenery, wildlife and heritage of the Highlands.



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