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Showing 23 organisations offering Transition towns

Aurora Sustainability

Website:    www.auroracons.org
We help individuals, public, private and third sector companies and organisations to re-think and re-design their economic... more..
Contact:    Iain Findlay        Email:    info@auroracons.org
Telephone:    07435 838572

Black Isle Bicycles

Website:    www.blackislebicycles.co.uk
We offer bike hire, route advice, guided tours and skills sessions both on and off road in the Black Isle. When you hire a bike,... more..
Contact:    Giles Makins or Lizbeth Collie        Email:    info@blackislebicycles.co.uk
Telephone:    01463 870865

Cairngorms National Park Authority

Website:    www.cairngorms.co.uk
Promote the use of The Cairngorms National Park as an outdoor learning resource. Manage the John Muir Award in the Cairngorms.
Contact:    Alan Smith        Email:    alansmith@cairngorms.co.uk

CIFAL Findhorn

Website:    www.findhorn.org
CIFAL Findhorn, a prestigious link between the Scottish Government, public sector organizations in Moray (N.E. Scotland), the... more..
Contact:    May East        Email:    enquiries@findhorn.org
Telephone:    01309 678130

Earth Ways Crowdfunding Platform CIC

Website:    www.earth-ways.com
Earth Ways Crowdfunding Platform offers a FREE service to ethically sound projects. We provide an online platform to help you... more..
Contact:    Ludwig Appeltans        Email:    info@earth-ways.com
Telephone:    07760142495

Glenelg & Arnisdale Development Trust

Website:    www.glenelg.co.uk
Glenelg and Arnisdale share many of the assets and challenges of all peninsular and island communities on the west coast of... more..
Contact:            Email:    info@glenelg.co.uk
Telephone:    01599 522776

Glenuig Community Association

Website:    www.glenuig.org.uk
Glenuig has always been a place renowned for music and its social life, but through the 1960s and 70s the population steadily... more..
Contact:    Eoghan Carmichael        Email:    GCA@glenuig.org.uk
Telephone:    01687 470214

Greenspace Scotland

Website:    www.greenspacescotland.org.uk
greenspace scotland is social enterprise and an independent charitable company. We work with a wide range of national and local... more..
Contact:    Julie Procter        Email:    julie.procter@greenspacescotland.org.uk
Telephone:    01786 465934

Highland Environmental Network

Website:    www.highlandenvironment.org.uk
The Highland Environmental Network is a constituted voluntary organisation which has been actively promoting environmental... more..
Contact:    Development Officer        Email:    hen@highlandenvironment.org.uk

Kinlochleven Community Trust

Website:    www.kinlochleven.co.uk
In 1994, with the imminent closure of the aluminium smelter in the village the Kinlochleven Land Development Trust was formed. A... more..
Contact:    Marion Smith        Email:    marion@kinlochleven.co.uk
Telephone:    01855 831 779

Loch na Mhoid Community Garden

Website:    www.transitionblackisle.org/lochnamhoid
The community garden and polytunnel are available for anyone wishing to grow their own fruit, vegetables and herbs or join in... more..
Contact:    Toni Clark        Email:    lochnamhoid@transitionblackisle.org
Telephone:    01463 871544

North West Highlands Geopark Ltd

Website:    http://www.nwhgeopark.com/
UNESCO Global Geoparks are territories with a great geological heritage; a territory developing Geotourism in cooperation with... more..
Contact:    Councillor George Farlow (Chair)        Email:    info@nwhgeopark.com

Ormlie Community Association

Website:    www.ormlie.org
Ormlie Community Association (OCA) has spearheaded a regeneration project for the last 10 years, addressing a wide range of... more..
Contact:    Helen Allan        Email:    hallan@ormlie.org
Telephone:    01847 891789

Paths for All

Website:    www.pathsforall.org.uk
Paths for All is a Scottish charity. Our aim is to significantly increase the number of people who choose to walk in Scotland –... more..
Contact:    Helen Wilson        Email:    helen.wilson@pathsforall.org.uk
Telephone:    01463 725159

Pultneytown Peoples Project

Website:    www.pppwick.org.uk
major development getting under way in Wick this summer will create a new focal point for a community that was once a byword for... more..
Contact:            Email:    info@pppwick.org.uk
Telephone:    01955 606950


Website:    www.reapscotland.org.uk
REAP has 11 years’ experience of sustainable development work in North East Scotland and the Inner Moray Firth, working with... more..
Contact:    Rod Lovie        Email:    info@reapscotland.org.uk
Telephone:    01542 888070

Scottish Allotments and Gardens Society

Website:    www.sags.org.uk
SAGS is a membership organisation. It works for allotment sites and plot holders throughout Scotland to:
Protect sites by... more..
Contact:    Jenny Mollison        Email:    secretary@sags.org.uk
Telephone:    01316652055

Scottish Environment Link

Website:    www.scotlink.org
A forum for Scotland’s voluntary environment organisations.
We have over 35 member bodies representing a range of... more..
Contact:    Jen Anderson (Chief Officer)        Email:    enquiries@scotlink.org
Telephone:     01738 630 804

The Nappy Network

Website:    www.nappynetwork.org.uk
The Nappy Network provides free, independent advice and support on all things nappy related. The Nappy Network is a voluntary... more..
Contact:    Sue Bryan        Email:    enquiries@nappynetwork.org.uk
Telephone:    0845 201 2609

Three Village Trust

Website:    www.threevillages.org.uk
The Arrochar and Tarbet Community Development Trust (A&TCDT) is a development organisation and registered charity that works with... more..
Contact:            Email:    trust@threevillages.org.uk
Telephone:    01301 702669

Transition Black Isle

Website:    www.transitionblackisle.org
Transition Black Isle is linked to the international Transition movement and was established in the Black Isle in March 2009. We... more..
Contact:    Wendy Price        Email:    info@transitionblackisle.org
Telephone:    01463 731572

Transition Scotland

Website:    http://www.transitionscotland.org
Website based contact to provide:
provide an introduction to the concepts, principles and practices of Transition around the... more..
Contact:            Email:    eva@transitionscotland.org

Transition Town Forres

Website:    ww.transitiontownforres.wordpress.com
Transition Town Forres is a volunteer-led group working towards a sustainable low-carbon lifestyle, based in and around Forres in... more..
Contact:    Iain Findlay        Email:    ttf.board@gmail.com
Telephone:     01309 358010
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