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The purpose of this Environmental Directory is to create an on-line searchable tool which lists charitable organisations, voluntary groups, NGO's and commercial businesses within the Highland Council area that deliver environmental and/or sustainable services or activity.
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Sam Foster Architects

Website:    www.samfosterarchitects.co.uk
Set up in 2011 the practice specialises in ecological building design and refurbishment and offers a full range of architectural... more..
Contact:    Sam Foster        Email:    info@samfosterarchitects.co.uk
Telephone:    01383 231818

Scenes (Scottish Environment News)

Website:    www.scenes.scot
SCENES is an independent digest of environmental news in Scotland, launched in 1987. It is based solely on published material and... more..
Contact:    Sue Fenton        Email:    enquiries@scenes.scot

Scoraig Wind Electric

Website:    www.scoraigwind.co.uk
Hugh Piggott off-grid system specialist and agent for Powerspout water turbines. Support for self-built wind and hydro projects.
Contact:    Hugh Piggott        Email:    hugh@scoraigwind.co.uk
Telephone:    07713157600

Scottish Agricultural College

Website:    www.sac.ac.uk
We are an innovative, knowledge-based organisation supporting the development of rural communities and industries.
Contact:            Email:    
Telephone:    01463 233 266

Scottish Allotments and Gardens Society

Website:    www.sags.org.uk
SAGS is a membership organisation. It works for allotment sites and plot holders throughout Scotland to:
Protect sites by... more..
Contact:    Jenny Mollison        Email:    secretary@sags.org.uk
Telephone:    01316652055

Scottish Community Development Centre (SCDC)

Website:    www.scdc.org.uk
The Scottish Community Development Centre (SCDC) launched as a Company Ltd by Guarantee and registered Charity in Scotland on the... more..
Contact:    Sam Jordan        Email:    sam@scdc.org.uk
Telephone:    0141 248 1924

Scottish Environment Link

Website:    www.scotlink.org
A forum for Scotland’s voluntary environment organisations.
We have over 35 member bodies representing a range of... more..
Contact:    Jen Anderson (Chief Officer)        Email:    enquiries@scotlink.org
Telephone:     01738 630 804

Scottish Mink Initiative

Website:    www.scottishmink.org.uk
Scottish Mink Initiative is a community based Initiative which aims to protect native wildlife by removing breeding American mink... more..
Contact:    Ann-Marie MacMaster        Email:    ann-marie@rafts.org.uk
Telephone:    07825 186043

Scottish Native Woodlands

Website:    scottishnativewoods.blogspot.co.uk
The Native Woods Co-operative (Scotland) Ltd
We are experienced woodland advisors with over 80 years of experience between... more..
Contact:            Email:    

Scottish Natural Heritage

Website:    http://www.snh.gov.uk/
Scotland's natural heritage is its wildlife, habitats, landscapes and natural beauty. Scotland is renowned for its attractive... more..
Contact:            Email:     south_highland@snh.gov.uk
Telephone:    01349 865333

Scottish Rural Network

Website:    www.ruralnetwork.scot
The Scottish Rural Network (SRN) supports and promotes rural development through the sharing of information, ideas and good... more..
Contact:            Email:    info@ruralnetwork.scot

Scottish Social Enterprise

Website:    www.scottishsocialenterprise.org.uk
Social enterprise is a dynamic way of doing business that can transform communities and drive... more..
Contact:            Email:    hello@socialenterprisescotland.org.uk
Telephone:    0131 243 2650

Scottish Waterways Trust

Website:    www.scottishwaterwaystrust.org.uk
Work with partners to create brighter futures for people and places across our Scottish canals. They achieve this through... more..
Contact:    Stephen Wiseman        Email:    stephen@scottishwaterwaystrust.org.uk
Telephone:    01463 725561

SEAM Centre

Website:    www.seamcentre.org.uk
The SEAM Centre at Inverness College provides training, information and research in micro-renewable energy and sustainable... more..
Contact:    Peter Dennis        Email:    info@seamcentre.org.uk
Telephone:    01463 273650


Website:    www.sepa.org.uk
The Scottish Environment Protection Agency is the body appointed by the government to ensure regulations to protect the... more..
Contact:    Dingwall Office        Email:    Susan.carstairs@sepa.org.uk
Telephone:     01349 862021 (Dingwall office)

Skye and Lochalsh Environment Forum

Website:    www.slef.org.uk
To be a forum for members of the public and organisations in or associated with Skye and Lochalsh (the Area) in order to promote... more..
Contact:    David Ashford        Email:    ashford@legalisp.net
Telephone:    01471833463

Sleat Community Trust

Website:    www.sleat.org.uk
Charity with two social enterprise companies. Owners of a community forest, shop, petrol station, Post Office. Run a subsidised... more..
Contact:    Angus Robertson        Email:    office@sleat.org.uk
Telephone:    01471 844773

Small Woods Association

Website:    www.smallwoods.org.uk
The Small Woods Association supports the sustainable management of woodlands and the production and marketing of wood products... more..
Contact:    Phil Tidey        Email:    philtidey@smallwoods.org.uk
Telephone:    01952 432769

Social Firms Scotland

Website:    www.socialfirms.org.uk
Social Firms Scotland is the national support agency for Social Firms. Our purpose is to grow the Social Firm sector to support... more..
Contact:    Jayne Chappell        Email:    jayne.chappell@socialfirms.org.uk
Telephone:    0131 225 4178


Website:    www.soirbheas.org
Soirbheas is a community charity set up to distribute funds generated from the community wind energy project for Glen Urquhart... more..
Contact:    Carol Masheter        Email:    info@soirbheas.org
Telephone:     0751 445 2783

Solar Jobs

Website:    www.solarjobsuk.com
SolarJobs is a job board wholly dedicated to recruitment in the solar industry sector. The SolarJobs website specifically targets... more..
Contact:    Jonathan Kyle        Email:    jonathan@greenjobs.ie
Telephone:    00353 1 678 8590


Website:    www.sound-wood.co.uk
SoundWood provides forestry consultancy and trees surgery services in the west Highlands as well as supplying locally-sourced... more..
Contact:    Jake Willis        Email:    soundwood@ymail.com
Telephone:    07875752264

Staffin Community Trust

Website:    www.skyecomuseum.co.uk
The Staffin Community Trust has been actively developing projects on behalf of the community for over thirteen years. Due to the... more..
Contact:    Sėne Ghilleasbuig        Email:    staffintrust@technacom.com

STEM North of Scotland

Website:    www.stemnorthofscotland.com
STEM North of Scotland is an initiative developed by Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) to increase the number of young... more..
Contact:    Janice Wallace        Email:    Ambassadors@hient.co.uk
Telephone:    01463 234171

Sustainable Development Commission, Scotland

Website:    www.sd-commission.org.uk/scotland.php
Dramatic increase in road traffic and no-growth in active travel makes SDC Scotland call for a radical new approach to transport... more..
Contact:    Maria Bell        Email:    Scotland@sd-commission.org.uk
Telephone:    0131 625 1880

Sylvestrus Ltd

Website:    www.sylvestrus.co.uk
We assist a number of community woodlands as well as many other environmental projects and are strong in planting, fencing and... more..
Contact:     Dietrich Pannwitz        Email:    treeman@tesco.net
Telephone:    01463 237812 or 07843 621701
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