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The purpose of this Environmental Directory is to create an on-line searchable tool which lists charitable organisations, voluntary groups, NGO's and commercial businesses within the Highland Council area that deliver environmental and/or sustainable services or activity.
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Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust

Website:    www.hwdt.org
Whilst not based in the Highlands, much of our project work is undertaken along the coast and in the seas adjacent to the... more..
Contact:    Gemma Paterson        Email:    gemma.paterson@hwdt.org
Telephone:    01688 302620

Highland Biodivesity

Website:    www.highlandbiodiversity.com
Since the Highland Biodiversity Project was started in 2002, over £500,000 of new funding has been has been spent on biodiversity... more..
Contact:    Janet Bromham and Jonathan Willet        Email:    janet.bromham@highland.gov.uk / jonathan.willet@highland.gov.uk
Telephone:    01463 702 274

Highland Biological Recording Group

Website:    www.hbrg.org.uk
HBRG is a membership organisation for anyone, whether resident or visitor, who is interested in recording their natural history... more..
Contact:    Ro Scott        Email:    info@hbrg.org.uk
Telephone:    01381 600392

Highland Birchwoods

Website:    www.highlandbirchwoods.co.uk
We are an environmental charity working in sustainable forestry, conservation and sustainable forestry. We are in experienced in... more..
Contact:    Stewart Meikle        Email:    stewart.meikle@highlandbirchwoods.co.uk
Telephone:    01463 811 606

Highland Branch Of Butterfly Conservation

Website:    www.highland-butterflies.org.uk
Our activities include recording butterflies and moths, organising events and field trips, and publishing newsletters which you... more..
Contact:    Mark Wynn        Email:    markwynn@highland-butterflies.org.uk
Telephone:    01463 729977

Highland Community Resources

Website:    www.highlandcommunityresources.co.uk
Consultancy services to develop or review social policies; and to develop and facilitate community engagement.

Providing... more..
Contact:    Helen Barton        Email:    enquiries@hicoresources.co.uk
Telephone:    07989 648128

Highland Council Countryside Rangers

Website:    www.highland.gov.uk/countrysiderangers
The Countryside Rangers run many events and guided walks which aim to help raise awareness appreciation of the... more..
Contact:            Email:    
Telephone:    01463 255291

Highland Council Recycling Centres

Website:    www.highland.gov.uk/directory/10/recycling_centres
A 'Recycling Centre' is a staffed facility with either full time or part time opening hours

The aim of the Centre is to... more..
Contact:            Email:    recycle@highland.gov.uk
Telephone:    01349 866603

Highland Cycle Campaign

Website:    www.highlandcyclecampaign.com
The Highland Cycle Campaign is committed to:
improving cycling safety
cutting pollution
safer routes to school, work... more..
Contact:            Email:    info@highlandcyclecampaign.com

Highland Environmental Law

Website:    www.highlaw.co.uk
This environmental law consultancy provides a broad range of environmental and planning law services to communities, businesses... more..
Contact:    Ian Cowan        Email:    ian@highlaw.co.uk
Telephone:    01463 831344

Highland Environmental Network

Website:    www.highlandenvironment.org.uk
The Highland Environmental Network is a constituted voluntary organisation which has been actively promoting environmental... more..
Contact:    Development Officer        Email:    hen@highlandenvironment.org.uk

Highland Facilitator Team

Website:    www.highlandft.org.uk
The Highland Facilitator Team is an independent community group that is based in Ardersier and draw our members from around the... more..
Contact:    Justine Robertson        Email:    highlandft@yahoo.co.uk
Telephone:    please use email

Highland Mountain Biking Association (himba)

Website:    www.himba.org.uk
Over the past 10 years mountain biking has become tremendously popular, and nowhere more so than here in the north of Scotland... more..
Contact:            Email:    

Highland Seashore Project

Website:    www.highlandseashore.org.uk
The Highland Seashore Project has been funded by the Highland Council, the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Crown Estate Marine... more..
Contact:    Janet Ullman        Email:    janet@highlandseashore.org.uk
Telephone:    01599 566350

Highland Tree Doctors

Website:    www.highlandtreedoctors.com
Our qualified arborists, skilled in protecting and caring for trees and we are proud to meet the very highest tree care... more..
Contact:    Donald Martin        Email:    don@highlandtreedoctors.org
Telephone:    07796936998

Highland Wholefoods Workers Co-operative

Website:    www.highlandwholefoods.co.uk/
Highland Wholefoods Workers Co-operative

Since 1989 we have been supplying the Highlands, Islands and north-east... more..
Contact:            Email:    sales@highlandwholefoods.co.uk
Telephone:    01463 712393

Highlands and Islands Sheep Health Association

Website:    www.hisha.org.uk
The Highlands & Islands Sheep Health Association (HISHA) is a farmer led organisation which was established in 1988 in an... more..
Contact:            Email:    info@hisha.org.uk
Telephone:    01463 226995

Home Energy Scotland

Website:    www.homeenergyscotland.org
Providing clear and impartial advice across the Highlands and Islands to: householders, community groups, local authorities,... more..
Contact:    Bob Grant Manager Highlands and Islands advice centre        Email:    energyadvisors@hi.homeenergyscotland.org
Telephone:    0808 808 2282
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